current post 10.2014

Design-Build Modular Art Wall : Fall 2014

The School of Architecture Mid City Studio, the Walls Project and Letterman’s Blue Print have partnered this fall to design and construct a rotating, modular canvas system on the North and possibly East fa├žades of Letterman’s Government Street location in Baton Rouge. The project will consist of permanent vertical structural supports and a series of removable art panels which will serve as a contextual, rotating, community exhibit. The modular system should also accommodate a means of permanently, artistically identifying the Letterman’s brand. The project also includes redesigning and constructing a new freestanding sign for Letterman’s that aesthetically and formally responds to the canvas wall. The wall and freestanding sign will work in conjunction with one another to not only identify Letterman’s, but allow the company to serve as a steward and voice for the surrounding community. LSU students enrolled in the Fall 2014 Mid City Studio will participate in the design and construction of the wall as well as curate and install the first exhibit with the help and expertise of the Walls Project and other local partners.


Design: Sep 22 – Oct 17 
This phase involves testing ideas and responding to the research conducted. The studio will participate in design charrettes, gather community feedback, test materials, build mockups and create a plan for execution.

Community Meeting: Oct 10 

Community input meeting and fundraiser at Letterman’s Blue Print on Oct. 8.

Build: Oct 20 – Nov 21 
This last phase includes the installation of the project at Letterman’s Blueprint

Unveiling: Nov 21 
White Light Night on Friday Nov. 21 at Letterman's Blue Print