About the Studio

Established in 2012, the Mid City Studio is a community-centered design studio located in the heart of Baton Rouge - Mid City. Through thoughtful design, public engagement and collaboration, the studio works with a variety of non-profits, government agencies, churches and businesses to define and develop relevant, responsive art and architectural projects in Mid City. The studio's work is supported by the Louisiana State University School of Architecture as well as the Mid City Redevelopment Alliance - a non-profit, community organization also based in Mid City. Student projects are run each fall while other larger and smaller-scale research and design work occurs throughout the year.



Each Fall, a variety of students participate in Mid City Studio projects. Most of the studio's work could not happen without their dedication and hard work.

Zoe Ganch
Aimee Richard
George Frangie
Matthew Kenney
Alex Sorapuru
Nicholas Lauve
Jeremy Nesbit
Jacob Cotton
Tan Nguyen
Kason Derks
Dasjon Jordan
Rachel Lagrange

Zach Chatelain
Emily Reckenbeil
Ephraim Franklin
Patrick Capella
Carolina Rodriguez
Jasmine Ross
D'Nae Capron
Nathaniel Frank
Carl Lowder
Phuong Le
James Coate
Cole Rhodes
Darrius Coleman
Kevin Kraemer
Andrew Layman
Steven Armstrong
Terin Barrios
Tess Baudry
Meghan Bilski
Chirag Panchal
Joshua White
Jeanette Feinberg
Marcelle Carmouche
Teresa Williams
Austin Sandel
Eva Rodriguez
Mei Ling Chen
Whitley Calloway
Ryan Zeringue
Susana Constenla
Monica Perez
Bryan Raymond
James Joyner
Chris Doiron
Kyron Thompson
Harrison Daigle
Kyle Hymel
Christine Nguyen
Phung Tran
Byron Raymond
LaKeisha Starks
Tyler Detiveaux
Annette Couvillon
Kathryn Seal
Cody Drago
Kyle Treloar




Lindsay Boley
Matt Harris
Kyle Bennett
Kyle Daroca
Daniel Shaffer
Ryan Johnson
Rongrong Chen
Johnny Johnson
Chelsea Karasoulis
Robin Day
Ashley Webre
Colleen Shannon
Andrew Pharis
Kaitlyn Kehoe
Angela Palmer
Elliot Manuel
Ashley Fetzer
Brendan Boudreau