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#iammidcity modular, community exhibit space

LSU architecture students enrolled in the Fall 2014 Mid City Studio are designing and constructing a flexible, modular system for presenting visual information that will change over time on the North side of Letterman’s Government Street location in Baton Rouge. The exhibit is intended to serve as a shifting, changing public space that hosts creative, visual displays directly related to Baton Rouge, Mid City and its residents. The studio is charged with not only designing and making the system, but also designing and installing the first exhibit to be released in conjunction with Mid City Merchants’ White Light Night on Fri., Nov. 21. The project hopes to allow Letterman's to serve as a steward and voice for the surrounding community.  The students will curate and install the first exhibit with the help and expertise of the Walls Project and other local partners.

Project Partners:
Letterman's Blue Print
The Walls Project
Southeast Engineers

About Mid City
Mid City successfully blends large and small scale business operations as it continues to maintain its importance in the evolution of Baton Rouge. As a district that embraces diversity and has a deep rooted sense of community, Mid City acts as a popular destination for both locals and visitors alike. Featuring Government St. as one of its main corridors, the Mid City area has grown with Baton Rouge and still provides residents with connections to downtown and other surrounding areas. 

With this project, we are trying to inform about Mid City its boundaries and identity as well as celebrate its rich character.

Using the wall and 800 square foot space on the north side of Letterman's on Government Street, create a public exhibit space to inform people about Mid City. Utilize three different scales of interaction. The vehicular scale, using a large-scale map of Mid City; the pedestrian scale, using four modular display panels totaling 128 square feet of display space to be curated by the students; and the interactive scale, using a social media campaign that takes the project beyond the site and throughout Mid City and its residents. The display space should also be interchangeable to other community partners in the future to start a rotating exhibit that would change or move once or twice a year.

The Design

             3 Scales of Community Engagement:




#iammidcity social media campaign

The social media campaign #iammidcity is working in conjunction with the exhibit to reveal the character and identity of Mid City and its residents through visual representation. Please share your new and old photographs of Mid City with us and be on the lookout for the hashtag at places you suggested! The widget at the top of this page is a live feed of those using the hashtag on instagram throughout Mid City.

Current businesses displaying our hashtag:
Letterman's Blueprint
Mid City Redevelopment Alliance
Garden District Nursery
Original Heroman's Florist
Honeymoon Bungalow
Elizabethan Gallery
Baton Rouge High
Time Warp
Brew Ha Ha
Radio Bar
Circa 1857
Mid City Bikes
Yvette Marie's
Rou Cou Cou
Tipton Associates
Aladdin's Lamp Antiques
Denicola's Furniture & Upholstery
Victoria's Toy Station
Bistro Byronz
Wooden Haven Furniture Co.
Calandro's Supermarket
Caffery Gallery
Doe's Eat Place

Want an #IAMMIDCITY cut out at your business? Email or comment on our facebook and we'll drop one off!

Mid City t-shirts!

If you would like a Mid City t-shirt you can order one here. These are handmade by us and helps support purchase of mock-up materials for the project.

Thankyou Mid City!
Thanks to all who came out and participated at our community event on Oct. 10. We received great feedback and are even more excited about the project!



Design: Sep 22 – Oct 17 
This phase involves testing ideas and responding to the research conducted. The studio will participate in design charrettes, gather community feedback, test materials, build mock-ups, and create a plan for execution.

Community Meeting: Oct 10 

Community input meeting and fundraiser at Letterman’s Blue Print on Oct. 8.

Build: Oct 20 – Nov 21 
This last phase includes the installation of the project at Letterman’s Blueprint

Unveiling: Nov 21 
White Light Night on Friday Nov. 21 at Letterman's Blue Print