A Mobile Office Concept for Mid City Studio 

This project will use the development of Mid City Studio’s office facilities to set an example for socially, economically, and environmentally conscious infill development while fulfilling its mission to build community, strengthen existing neighborhoods, and advocate for sustainable growth. The project will deploy shipping containers converted into office, workshop, and indoor / outdoor meeting and community spaces on a vacant property in one of Mid City’s neighborhoods.


-  Activate vacant site through modular office and workshop space
-  Create communal spaces and work with the neighborhood to generate programming
-  Lease space to partnering organizations or businesses for social and financial sustainability
-  Require partners to host community-oriented events and programming on site
-  Develop the project in phases to make it affordable and sustainable long-term
-  Creatively nurture the social and economic capacity of the neighborhood and its residents
-  Attract investors to this non-traditional infill model


The program includes three shipping containers (office space, workshop space, and community space) and public community space between them. An overhead structure will protect outdoor spaces from rain and spatially connect the containers, while a deck or other pervious material will connect everything on the ground.

Cost Breakdown


$75K - $100k

   Acquire Property                  
   Site + Prep Work                    
   Containers (purchase and transport)        
   Studio Fabrication Equipment
   Outfit Office Space
   Outfit Community Space
   Incidentals and unforeseen costs



Special emphasis will be placed on phasing the development to make it more sustainable long term while minimizing upfront costs. Recruiting organizations and individuals from the immediate neighborhood will build its social and economic capacity. The space could also incubate new projects and partnerships through proximity. Sharing space with other non-profit, community organizations, particularly partner organizations could provide economies for Mid City Studio while helping others grow new businesses and community programs.